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Whatever your marketing requirements, we work flexibly with clients focusing on their needs first. Once the goals are set we then find the best pathway to get there, one that suits both personality and budget. You ask us for the moon – we aim to deliver the stars. There might be lots of ways in which they can be reached but only one way that best suits you.

How do we do it?

We think the key is effective communication. By actually listening to our clients we can work with them to shape and achieve their goals.


We’re really proud not just of the things we’ve achieved for clients, but also of the way in which we work with them too.

Last year we helped two clients to award wins and a third to being shortlisted. One of the most gratifying things about the whole process was convincing them to enter and then producing the entry. One client in particular won an award for a category they hadn’t even thought of and were gobsmacked on the night – it was great to see.

We also took a local children’s nursery from scratch right through it’s first year – even helping to come up with the name, Applepips. The project was a complete turnkey process, with us managing everything from start to finish.

Another highlight was helping Coombes farm through the rather extreme technical difficulties presented by the client literally having no high-speed internet at all at their office (the farm!) We came up with a shared folder solution that meant they could drag and drop info for their new site and we could reciprocate with screenshots of pages and branding files. Being able to make the process as painless as possible for them was great.

Our ethos

The ethos behind the name is that if you asked for the moon, we would aim to give you the stars. Service and delivery are extremely important to us.


Social media is an essential business tool and takes time to learn and understand. Our practical training courses ensure that everyone leaves the course having actually achieved something positive as well as learning loads too. Find out more in our Training section below.

We also manage social media campaigns and feeds for clients too, but again we take a practical approach.  Running social media platforms can be very time-consuming and distract people away from core business activity. We work together with clients at every step. Plus our cost effective plans can see your business posting on social media from as little as £99 a month.

If it’s social advertising you’re interested in, then we can do that too. We successfully run ‘pay per click’ campaigns for many clients covering product and event promotion, general offers and recruitment. The beauty of social media advertising is that it can really fit to almost any budget and the better we work together the more targeted your advertising (and your budget) will be. We charge a small flat fee for setting up and running most campaigns.

Print Advertising

We help many clients with advertising. We offer a full service of design, production and media buying and this can be offered in segments depending on your needs. We have excellent relationships with lots of publishers and editors and ensure that our clients are handled well in each publication. We research and place according to need and budget and make sure clients have final say and control before anything is booked.

All bookings are made completely transparently – depending on how the publication works it might not cost clients anything at all to run their advertising through us. Once advertising is booked, you receive a media plan showing exactly what is going in, where and how much it’s costing.

If you need the full service, our great designers are very experienced in print graphic design and ensure the integrity of each brand is maintained throughout, while achieving some stand out ads in the process too. What’s more we also take care of all those annoying advertising calls, you just pass them all onto us and save yourself loads of time and hassle.



Don’t get dazed by digital. We look at every channel you could be using and help you decide whether it’s worth it, or not. This covers everything from your emails and website to your blog and your reviews. How effectively are you using these channels? How consistent is your message and how well integrated is it with your offline marketing?

It’s not about getting as much out there as possible – it’s about saying the right thing to the right people. We work to target your messages in the right way. We look at influencers, bloggers, journalists and segmented audiences.

We use our network of preferred partner web designers and coders to help with most of our technical digital work, but we manage it all from Ask for the Moon towers for clients, allowing them to just deal with one person and keeping the whole process pain free.

Marketing and Events

We have the experience and the preferred partner network to be able to run almost any type of marketing project.These include; display advertising campaigns, suites of technical literature, monthly newsletters, pop-up banners, and even giant exhibition stands, we manage them – and act as the client’s outsourced marketing department.


Another part of the project management role we can undertake for clients is by running their events. This includes; conferences, staff parties, product launches and press days. We love coming up with that big idea that will really make the event go with a bang and working to ensure everything is ‘just so’. We take it all off your hands and sort out all the details.


Getting your message placed as editorial can be priceless. Technology has made a huge difference to the way in which PR and marketing campaigns are run, but putting the human face into any story is still one of the best ways in which to engage an audience.
Two of the things Ask for the Moon is repeatedly praised for are the way in which we ‘see the story’ and the integrity with which we represent our clients.

We’ve written highly technical articles for specialist business publications and catchy tweets that take journalists exactly to the right webpage. We’ve gained front pages, back covers and centre spreads and achieved thousands of pounds worth of coverage over the years.

PR is not just about getting the content written though, the content has to be engaging enough to get it noticed and it also has to be presented in the right way and distributed to the right audience.


A professionally written marketing plan or strategy can help you to keep ahead of the competition and transform your goals and objectives so that they benefit both your company and customers.

We work with clients to gain a complete understanding of your business and the goals that you are looking to achieve. We look at everything relevant to your business and then work alongside you to create a marketing strategy that focuses on specific goals to get the right response from your target audience and ultimately help you achieve success.

Whether you want a strategy developed for one particular aspect of marketing, such as how to build your brand awareness via social media, or whether you want to combine a mix of marketing techniques, together we can create a strategic plan to ensure your goals are reached.

Content Creation

Do you have the time to be writing about what you do every day? Not many people in business do and that’s where we come in. We have over 20 years experience writing for every type of business sector from accounting to zoos. Every single piece of communication you want to do will probably involve some form of writing and if you’re not comfortable doing it or if your time is better spent on other things then we can help.

We can offer content creation as a stand alone service – where you just get us in to do the writing for you. Or we can put it together as part of a more fully fledged campaign where we work together to decide what type of content will work best and where. Whether it’s 140 characters or 140 pages – we can handle it.

What’s more, our content services start from just £60 so think about how much your time is worth and how much you could save by freeing it up.

To find out more details on specific capabilities just contact us and we'll be pleased to tell you everything over a cuppa (with biscuits of course).

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