It’s Chriiiiistmaaaaas! (well nearly)

Christmas tree collage

Some of our favourite Christmas trees we’ve seen while out and about this month

We are getting nice and Christmassy now at Ask for the Moon towers and have a couple of work Christmas parties in the next couple of weeks and a panto trip with our local Chamber of Commerce too! Oh no you haven’t? Oh yes we have! Sorry about that but it has to be done in December – it’s the law.

Talking of Moons, we were gutted the sky was full of clouds the night we were suppose to see the super moon last month. However, we hear that all is not lost, we have another chance and if we get clear skies on the 14th December we should be able to see it. If not we will have to wait till 2034!

So over to what work I have actually been doing this month… January issues have all been booked for our advertising clients, but I continue to finalise their Advertising Plans for 2017 so everyone knows where they are with their marketing plan & budget for next year. As I said last month this is a great thing to do in advance as it saves you time and money for when anything new turns up in the year and you can see exactly where you are with your figures!

Talking of well spent money, since my last blog too we also saw the Adur & Worthing Business Awards. So a big congratulations to 2 of our clients who won, Bespoke You  for Best Start Up and PEP the Printers for the Training and Development award. Also well done to Zero Kitchens too for making it to the Short list for the Green Business award. If you want to be awarded next year, why not contact us and see how we can help you like we helped these guys.

If you fancy a chat about any aspect of marketing over a cuppa and a biscuit of course 😉 give us a call or drop us a email. We offer a free first hour consultation to find out exactly what you need and how we can help. This is not a special offer or a sales ploy masking as a charity thing – this is just what we do all day and every day.

Over Christmas we are around and contactable but just not in physically in the Ask for the Moon towers from Thursday 22nd December -2nd January. We will be back in the towers on Tuesday, 3rd January though.

So all that is left to be said is… Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a new and exciting 2017!

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