This week one of the largest and best known PR agencies in the UK, Bell Pottinger, was expelled from it’s trade association, the PRCA. The company conducted a campaign in South Africa for the powerful Gupta family which deliberately stirred up racial divisions using fake social media accounts. read more

As someone with a PR degree and over 20 years experience in the industry, this has shocked me. I gave up working in London years ago because I hated all the underhand deals and palm-greasing that went on but this is beyond anything I thought might happen.

Ask for the Moon is a small business, but one of the things I make sure happens with the team is training – not just in skills that are specifically related to job titles, but also in soft skills too, such as ethical working and client liaison. I see these as fundamental to ensuring we get things right – not just for clients but for ourselves too.

We don’t have a massive training budget – we keep it in-house if we can and do lots on online learning via things like supplier webinars and association training courses. Locally we’ve both been on training courses run by Adur and Worthing Chamber of Commerce. We attended a couple of great Training mornings on Excel and Facebook recently, they run full programmes to suit most local businesses

 When we go to Business Shows and Exhibitions we always look out for useful seminars – they are usually free and even if they are selling you something their can be  really good nuggets gleaned. A local one we attended was Brighton Business Expo 2017 in October.
One amazing free training source that we have used for digital newbies is Google Digital Garage which many short training courses.
It really is a great way to learn about everything digital 🙂
What happened with Bell Pottinger will hopefully resonate through our industry and beyond, ensuring many more people choose to work ethically instead of just for £££££. At Ask for the Moon we will certainly keep doing our small bit to make sure no more PR monsters are created.
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