When it comes to marketing, there are many acronyms, terms and phrases that are often more confusing than they are helpful. New ones pop up all the time and quite frankly, if you’re not working on your 24/7 socially optimised content marketing delivery strategy using the 7Ps combined with a RACE planning framework then what in heaven’s name are you doing? Well, living in the real world probably.

As a professional marketeer, it’s part of my job to keep my own knowledge up to date as much as possible. Content marketing is one such thing that I felt I needed to keep on top of, so it was with slight trepidation that I attended a content marketing training morning last week, led by the lovely Ray Cobb on behalf of ‘Get Set for Growth’. Attending these things as ‘a marketeer’ is always a bit strange. Other attendees did look at me in a ‘why are you here’ sort of way, but I explained that I was there to both boost and refresh my own knowledge. I commented on many of the slides and Ray even looked to me a couple of times to back up what he was saying. This was reassuring that yes, I did still know what I was talking about and that my input was still valuable. Phew!

So what did I learn that I can share with you? Ray pointed us to a really helpful website www.contentmarketinginstitute.com which offers all sorts of free advice on the subject. So if you’re looking to learn about content marketing with a view to implementing it yourself, I would start there. I also left with my own beliefs reassured and my confidence boosted, enabling me to share these points:

  • What is it? Content Marketing is the process of attracting, engaging and growing a particular audience through the supply of information that is valuable and above all relevant to them.
  • All roads lead back to… knowing your audience. This is something I talk about a lot when delivering training on Social Media and I think it’s something that is at the foundation of all good marketing – whatever the channel. During the training session we looked at buyer personas and then tuning general content to fit them. The better you know your audience the more likely you are to engage and ultimately convert them.
  • You don’t have to spend hours and hours writing original content Yep, that’s correct. Content marketing is more about you being the thought leader – and you can do this through including bits of content that you’ve discovered and want to recommend (known as curated content) although you do still have to research it. Content can also be any form of media, written, audio or video led.
  • It is ongoing It’s not a quick fix or a magic bullet. It’s about building trusted relationships with your audience so that they eventually become converts (and ultimately advocates for) your product or service. Relationships often break down when communication isn’t right, so it’s important to send out the correct messages.

How can you have time to do this? The truth is, you will probably have to make some time, just like for social media posting. But with some clever thinking and planning, lots of what we call ‘evergreen content’ could be produced that can be re-purposed across all of your channels at various times in the calendar, throw in the curated content and some nuggets that focus on news items and you’ll be well on your way to being that interesting thought leader I mentioned earlier.

If this really sounds like the last thing you would ever want to do in a million years, then you will need to build a relationship with a writer, videographer or marketing company that can help you.

So does it really matter? The short answer is yes it does. Content marketing can cover a vast range of channel delivery and it isn’t going away anytime soon, so why not embrace it and get noticed?

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